Radian Arc and Loudplay Bring Seamless, Stable Cloud Gaming and Business Applications to Any Device

Radian Arc and Loudplay

Radian Arc and Loudplay Bring Seamless, Stable Cloud Gaming and Business Applications to Any Device

Radian Arc and Loudplay Bring Seamless, Stable Cloud Gaming and Business Applications to Any Device 1433 703 RADIAN ARC

Radian Arc and Loudplay Bring Seamless, Stable Cloud Gaming and Business Applications to Any Device

Business application standardizes device performance for remote or hybrid work environments without the costs of additional hardware.

LOS ANGELES – December 16, 2021 – Cloud infrastructure provider Radian Arc today announced its partnership with Loudplay, a Cloud PC company that offers high-performance computing on any device via the cloud. Radian Arc will elevate Loudplay’s current cloud gaming and business offerings by implementing its patented GPU Edge infrastructure, which ensures performance by processing data as close to the end user as possible. This combined solution allows users to run the latest games on laptops, mobile phones, and smart TVs at a fraction of the price of high-end computers. It also provides an advanced working platform for remote or hybrid employees using outdated or underpowered personal devices.

Loudplay’s cloud gaming service delivers a polished gaming experience on the cloud equal to an expensive gaming rig. Players pay an hourly rate for the time that they play or a monthly subscription if they prefer unlimited access, with the freedom to play any game from any platform. Players can access the games they already own across Steam, Epic Games, and more, effectively bringing their digital library of games with them on any connected device.

For professional needs, Loudplay and Radian Arc provide computing power needed to handle CPU-usage heavy applications like Autodesk AutoCAD, 3ds Max, or Adobe Premiere. Companies can now set up their employees for remote or hybrid work without the cost of hardware upgrades. Loudplay’s B2B Cloud PC platform is also customizable with preinstalled software for different roles and responsibilities.

“Radian Arc and Loudplay share a common goal: accessibility,” said David Cook, CEO of Radian Arc. “For both consumers and businesses, our solution removes financial barriers presented by hardware, giving them processing power to run any software on the cloud.”

“The digital divide is a huge social problem right now as billions of people can’t afford high performance gadgets. In the peak of a global chip crisis, Loudplay and Radian Arc are combining efforts to make great games and software available to everyone in the world. One GPU in our joint solution can serve up to 100 users, a much more fair and efficient way of supplying computing power to the masses,” said Vitaly Starodubov, Founder and VP Global Business at Loudplay.

Radian Arc and Loudplay will offer Cloud PC solutions for gaming and business direct to telecommunications companies to utilize their 5G or fiber networks. Gaming and business uses of Cloud PC will be available to telco customers on the consumer and enterprise levels respectively.

For more information, please visit www.radianarc.io and www.loudplay.io.  


About Radian Arcwww.radianarc.io
Radian Arc provides an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform for running cloud gaming, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications inside telecommunication carrier networks. Our teams across the USA, Australia, Central Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan offer telecom operators a GPU-based edge computing platform without the need for capital expenditure, facilitating low latency and improved economics for value-added services and the monetization of 5G investments. Given the combined power and efficiency of 5G and GPU edge, Radian Arc delivers a high-quality content and cloud-gaming experience to consumers at a lower cost to telecom operators.

About Loudplay www.loudplay.io
Loudplay is an Irish-based Cloud PC company. Our solution brings cloud computing power to any connected device. Loudplay Cloud PC for gamers has over 1 million users who can enjoy top video games on smartphones, laptops and Smart TVs. Loudplay B2B solution is designed to remove hardware borders and give clients access to high-performance GPU workstation in the cloud. Loudplay acts as a service provider who delivers its products to the market via partnership with leading telcos and infrastructure providers.

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