Radian Arc and Opratel Partner to Expand Global Audience for Game Publishers

Radian Arc and Opratel Partner to Expand Global Audience for Game Publishers

Radian Arc and Opratel Partner to Expand Global Audience for Game Publishers 150 150 RADIAN ARC

Radian Arc and Opratel Partner to Expand Global Audience for Game Publishers

By integrating cloud gaming service subscriptions with telco billing, this partnership opens up game publishers to untapped markets

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – October 25, 2022 – Cloud infrastructure provider Radian Arc today announced a partnership with mobile value added services (VAS) company Opratel to offer integrated billing features via telecommunications companies. This allows game publishers to utilize telco billing practices to reach markets that previously presented challenges around payment models. Telcos can add services like cloud gaming directly to their service offerings and with Opratel, streamline transactions between publishers and consumers with daily and weekly offerings.

Using Opratel’s billing platform to monitor customer data, telcos and publishers can get a better understanding of their users’ purchasing habits. In some regions, services like cloud gaming have struggled to reach consumers who pay by usage after the fact (postpaid users), rather than before (prepaid users). By integrating with telco billing, cloud gaming services and publishers can split subscription costs across multiple payments based upon how much they’re used, to cater to those audiences.

Opratel also provides robust reporting for telcos and publishers to build targeted advertising campaigns based on specific customer demographics and forecast future revenue. Using Opratel’s optimized landing pages reduces the steps between a customer’s first impression of a product and their eventual purchase. This streamlined process improves telcos’ or publishers’ consumer experiences and increases ad performance.

“Implementing Opratel’s billing platform into the Radian Arc ecosystem will open our application partners to new success by catering to specific regional purchase trends,” said David Cook, CEO, Radian Arc. “By providing different methods for billing to fit each market’s needs, and the capacity to channel advertising tailored to specific customers’ preferences, our telco and application partners can create more intelligent and efficient customer acquisition strategies, courtesy of Opratel.

“We believe that mobile operators are key for the future of cloud gaming and this partnership will enable us to be unique in this market, by providing infrastructure, billing and acquisition all dealing with only one company,” said Santiago Diaz Valdez, CEO, Opratel. “We will instantly be able to provide new cloud gaming opportunities for our 40+ mobile operators and add those in Radian Arc’s roadmap.”

To learn more about Radian Arc and Opratel, visit www.radianarc.io and www.opratel.com


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Radian Arc provides an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform for running cloud gaming, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications inside telecommunication carrier networks. Our teams across the USA, Australia, Central Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan offer telecom operators a GPU-based edge computing platform without the need for capital expenditure, facilitating low latency and improved economics for value-added services and the monetization of 5G investments. Given the combined power and efficiency of 5G and GPU edge, Radian Arc delivers a high-quality content and cloud-gaming experience to consumers at a lower cost to telecom operators.

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