Radian Arc and Todosgamers Partner to Bring Esports to Telcos Around the World

Radian Arc and Todosgamers Partner to Bring Esports to Telcos Around the World

Radian Arc and Todosgamers Partner to Bring Esports to Telcos Around the World 573 573 RADIAN ARC

Radian Arc and Todosgamers Partner to Bring Esports to Telcos Around the World

Todosgamers’ esports platform activates telecommunications networks for competitive gaming and means for customer acquisition and retention

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – September 12, 2022 – Cloud infrastructure provider Radian Arc today announced a partnership with esports-as-a-service provider Todosgamers to bring its services to telecommunications companies globally. Complementary to Radian Arc’s existing partnerships with cloud gaming applications, Todosgamers offers a range of services around competitive gaming, including event organization and management, content creation, and customer acquisition. This all-in-one platform is suited for competition and tournaments via both conventional gaming platforms like mobile, PC, and console as well as cloud-enabled games.

Unlike other esports platforms that simply provide the means to host, Todosgamers operates the platform on behalf of the telecommunications company, with the ability to plan, manage, and broadcast tournaments. Todosgamers also brings optional agency services like a production studio and customer acquisition experts to assist telcos in producing gaming content for YouTube and Twitch, and expand their user base.

Radian Arc’s edge computing technology allows Todosgamers to manage esports with lower latency and more reliable connectivity across a range of devices: Windows PC, Mac OS, Android-based TVs, and mobile devices. Radian Arc and Todosgamers will offer cloud-based esports solutions to telecommunications companies powered by their 5G or fiber networks, allowing telcos to build esports communities and leagues for their users and generate revenue through tournaments and premium content.

“Todosgamers is a valuable partnership for Radian Arc in bringing a host of competitive gaming services to our global telco customer base,” said David Cook, CEO, Radian Arc. “Esports is a growing market among gamers but often limited in regions that lack reliable connectivity. Combined with our GPU edge infrastructure and telcos’ 5G networks, Todosgamers can work with telcos to cultivate esports communities for their customers.”

“Together with Radian Arc we are able to offer a 360 solution that covers casual and competitive gaming audiences for telcos around the world, taking our companies to new heights,” said Santiago Diaz Valdez, CEO of Todosgamers. “Our experiences with top companies in the gaming and esports industry is what makes us stand out with our clients. With this new partnership, we are technologically sound to provide customized experiences for our customers.

To learn more about Radian Arc and Todosgamers, visit www.radianarc.io and www.todosgamers.gg.


About Radian Arcwww.radianarc.io
Radian Arc provides an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform for running cloud gaming, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications inside telecommunication carrier networks. Our teams across the USA, Australia, Central Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan offer telecom operators a GPU-based edge computing platform without the need for capital expenditure, facilitating low latency and improved economics for value-added services and the monetization of 5G investments. Given the combined power and efficiency of 5G and GPU edge, Radian Arc delivers a high-quality content and cloud-gaming experience to consumers at a lower cost to telecom operators.

About Todosgamers www.todosgamers.gg
Todosgamers is a Esports and Gaming solutions provider. We work closely with brands, agencies and game developers to provide organic gaming experiences. Our studio headquarters in Brazil provides all the broadcasting and content solutions for our clients around the world that need expertise in esports tournaments, broadcasting and content creation. Our Argentina office handles www.todosgamers.com that provides the grass roots experiences for gamers around the world looking for a professional experience with gaming.

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