Radian Arc Partners with WTFast and DST to Help Enable Cloud Gaming Optimization

Radian Arc Partners with WTFast and DST to Help Enable Cloud Gaming Optimization

Radian Arc Partners with WTFast and DST to Help Enable Cloud Gaming Optimization 150 150 RADIAN ARC

Radian Arc Partners with WTFast and DST to Help Enable Cloud Gaming Optimization 

Radian Arc to Utilize Edge Technology to Augment WTFast Gamers Private Network, Starting with Datastream Digital Sdn Bhd (DST) in Brunei

LOS ANGELES – January 20, 2023 – Cloud infrastructure provider Radian Arc today announced its partnership with WTFast, an online gaming optimization company that helps customers achieve high-performance online gaming on PC, iOS and Android platforms, together with DST, a company that provides mobile, broadband and digital services in Brunei. Radian Arc will elevate WTFast’s current offerings to its vast base of service providers, as well as utilize its patented GPU Edge technology to bolster their private gaming network. This partnered solution will initially be implemented into DST’s mobile and fiber networks, granting faster gaming services to over 400,000 subscribers across the country.

WTFast optimizes online gaming performance by providing the quickest routes via intelligent gaming networks, decreasing ping and jitter for players, as well as an equalization service meant to ensure equalized ping and competitive integrity in esports events. By using WTFast’s proprietary AI-powered scalpel split tunneling and routing solutions, DST customers’ speeds can improve by up to 60%, creating lower ping and less lag for online gaming. By combining this optimization service with Radian Arc’s GPU Edge technology, the WTFast private gaming network will deliver dramatic performance boosts for gamers, first in Brunei, and then around the world.

DST customers get optimized gaming acceleration that allows gamers to access multiple data channels, ensuring reliable and lag-free performance. The broadband bundle also gives customers access to the WTFast Gamers Private Network service, which lowers latency and improves the gaming experience by automatically selecting an optimized connection to gaming servers. DST has identified esports as a growth area as it seeks to build digital businesses across its footprint in the SEA region.

“Radian Arc and WTFast have shared goals for online gaming optimization and equalization for competitive gaming and esports—delivering faster, more stable connections to provide a higher quality gaming experience. This partnership makes perfect sense,” said David Cook, CEO, Radian Arc. “By utilizing our edge infrastructure, the WTFast private gaming network will continue to grow and increase their ability to provide seamless online gaming.” 

“WTFast is already working with a number of service providers, providing gaming bundle packages for the Internet that gamers love,” said Rob Bartlett, CEO, WTFast. “Working together with Radian Arc, we plan to close more of these operator and publisher deals.”

“As part of our commitment to support the eSport community, we are delighted to partner with Radian Arc and WTFast,” said Radin Sufri Radin Basiuni, CEO, DST. “This strategic partnership will help us provide an optimized online gaming experience for our customers and we are confident that by combining our services with their expertise in technology, specifically on gaming optimization and cloud infrastructure, we will be able to create a better online gaming experience for all gamers in Brunei and in the future – globally”

Radian Arc’s cloud gaming solution uses GPU Edge technology and operator networks to process data as close to the end user as possible. While competing cloud gaming platforms have to accommodate different network requirements of each players’ service providers, Radian Arc can deliver consistent, high-quality entertainment to customers.

For more information about WTFast, visit https://www.wtfast.com/en/. To learn more about Radian Arc, visit www.radianarc.io. More information on the product of this partnership can be found via the DST website at www.dst.com.bn/wtfast.


About WTFastwww.wtfast.com/en/
The WTFast Gamers Private Network (GPN) is dedicated to optimizing the Internet for gaming.  WTFast is delivered to gamers through an easy PC download, a mobile client, and soon via router/CPE.  Our GPN is powered by real-time measurements and AI to deliver a faster and smoother connection for gamers to help them win when they play competitive online games.  

Our partners include Singtel, Cox Communications and Optus.  WTFast offers telco/cableco bundles to attract gamers, increase revenue, improve churn, attract more subscribers & reduce support/technical costs.

About Radian Arcwww.radianarc.io
Radian Arc provides an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform for running cloud gaming, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications inside telecommunication carrier networks. Our teams across the USA, Australia, Central Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan offer telecom operators a GPU-based edge computing platform without the need for capital expenditure, facilitating low latency and improved economics for value-added services and the monetization of 5G investments. Given the combined power and efficiency of 5G and GPU edge, Radian Arc delivers a high-quality content and cloud-gaming experience to consumers at a lower cost to telecom operators.

About Datastream Digital Sdn Bhd (DST) www.dst.com.bn
Datastream Digital (DST) is born out of an infrastructure carveout of Brunei’s telco industry transformation, which followed through with DST’s own major digital transformation exercise. Formally a full-service Mobile Network Operator and a full Mobile Service Provider to now, an asset light, customer focused digital first operator, in triple play mobile, fixed and all things digitally horizontal.

Now expanding from a mobile service provider to a fixed service provider, both Residential and Enterprise and mobile and fixed convergence play, DST remains the major telco player in Brunei. With the expansion of services to fixed, this is a developing area for growth. 

Backed by its 25 years of traditional telco experience, and always transforming mindset, DST continues to build on its digital platform and will continue to build its ecosystem to provide digital services, providing value and convenience as a priority to its customers in Brunei, with a set vision to grow into the region as a digital service provider.

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TriplePoint PR, for Radian Arc

Nabihah Mokhsen for DST